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Quotes Ck about 70 Mini Hive yesterday looking great fed 4 of them lost 2 that starved feeder must have leeked when i fed 1/27/2011 bring in pollen today first I have seen Quotes
Velbert Williams
Ck Bees

Quotes Velbert is a on point, honest, on time . His product is the highest quality. I been beekeeping for four years regret not getting all my queens from him. Others are weeks even months late sending queens randomly or not at all. I highly recommend him. Golden Goose of queen breeders Quotes
Chase Rudolph
Dependable Queen breeder

Quotes those pol-line queens I got a couple weeks ago are already booming. Great patterns, all accepted and I highly recommend them! Quotes

Quotes spring of 2011 i installed a velbert vsh queen in a two frame split. It is now April 19, 2012 and i have a double deep and an almost full super of honey. I gotta get another super on it quick. They are going gangbusters! No swarm cells, and talk about gentle bees. I don't have to suit up and just a little smoke i did not get stung one time going through every frame. Quotes
vsh success

Quotes I have used Velberts queens for few years now. I am a queen breeder myself and I know that my operation is better since I started using Velberts queens. The quality of his work is surpassed only by his high level of correctness and integrity. Great work Velbert My best Gilman Quotes
Gilman Mucaj
happy beekeeper

Quotes I bought queens from Velbert last year 2011, I have'nt had to treat the hives and all are doing great!! I plan on ordering more to requeen with this spring .....Thanks Velbert for all your help!!! Quotes
kevin knox
queens doing great job !!

Quotes Hi Velbert, I tried sending you an update, but I guess it got to lenghty and I got cut off. I will make this one short. All six pkgs. of bees you sent to me here in Omaha, Nebraska are going great guns after a prolonged, cold damp spring. They are making up for lost time. The russians are my favorite, they started slow, but now appear to have taken the lead of the other colonies. I might even get a honey crop. Thanks again Velbert, you and your bees are top notch. Roy Rayner Quotes
Roy Rayner
Beginner Beekeeper

Quotes I bought 2 queens from Velbert in 2009 and 2 in 2010. Can't be happier with the bees. Customer service is the best. Velbert treated me like I was ordering a hundred. The only reason I didn't order this year is because I raised some good queens from his stock and I'm seeing how they do. So far, the daughter queens from his 2008 Russians are gentle and building up nice. Quotes
Gayle Burns
hobby beekeeper